Hot Pimm’s #1 Brew

Monsoon season is on in the Philippine islands, and I’ve been stuck learning WordPress & trying to integrate it to my main website. Of course writing about our Molecular Mixology event isn’t helping at all as I’m too lazy to move from my cozy chair and get some ingredients. Enter Pimm’s #1 in the cupboard. I know its been waiting for me, but I’m not in the mood for Pimm’s Cup yet. I’ve also been downing so much ginger tea lately and I don’t think this ginger streak (yes, I’ve been putting ginger everywhere) will let up any time soon.

Pimm’s by the way is already distinctly fruity, so imagining it with a kick of ginger is easy. Imagining it hot? The strong gin flavour would seem to cooperate with that too. So here’s the product of all that wasted dribble : Continue reading Hot Pimm’s #1 Brew

Foraging for Kreame

In our then-hackerspace, Tsinelas Labs when it had a home at Green Papaya Art Space┬álast March 2013, we’ve arranged for Kreame Isaac a tasting session as part of the No-Menu Guerilla series. This event was entitled “NO PAN INTENDED”. It was indeed a No-Menu kitchen, and the week before the event, the organising team members were just given hints of what might be served, and what Kreame had been able to forage. I thought it best to not expect anything for fear of the unknown. Continue reading Foraging for Kreame


The first molecular mixology event in the Philippines? Well, its about time we had one!


Our group and its few affiliates in the bartending scene in the country think that it might be time to introduce this concept to the people in the industry here, or at least those who are willing and have the means. The few pioneers would hopefully continue the work in their respective establishments, conduct their own experiments, and try out more advanced techniques on their own after the workshop. Of course the fee is no joke. That’s because we currently do not have an expert in the Philippines and have to fly one in. Continue reading MIXOLOGY GOES MOLECULAR!