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Hacked Espresso Machine featured on Hackaday

I’ve always wanted to custom make an espresso machine and other brewing machines since I’m in the business of beverage. This one’s a really nice upgrade from the original Brasilia Lady model and very satisfactory espresso shot in the end. The vibration pump is still quite noisy but for a hack without spending extras on parts upgrades, this is pretty cool. I wish he demo’d the steam wand too just to see the temperature fluctuations on the reader.

Coffee, making and hacking addictions are just bound to get out of control. So did [Rhys Goodwin’s] coffee maker hack. What started as a little restoration project of a second-hand coffee machine resulted in a complete upgrade to state of the art coffee brewing technology. The Brasilia Lady comes with a 300 ml brass boiler, a pump…

via Brasilia Espresso Machine PID Upgrade Brews Prefect Cup of Energy — Hackaday