Tea Sampling in Wazuka, Kyoto

Last April I visited the tea farms featured by Obubu Tea in Wazuka, Kyoto. It was a bit hard to get to since only a few buses go there, but it was well worth the trip!

Japanese Rural Towns
Japanese Rural Towns

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Food for the Lazy Brat

There are times when you just feel extremely lazy but at the same time entitled to gourmet food. You think you deserve better than cheetos or satisfying your hunger with mere instant noodles, and somehow you just read Paul Lafargue’s “The Right to be Lazy“. Yes, the bastard in you is bloating your sense of entitlement, thinking “Well, even if I’ll find myself stranded on a deserted island, or even orbiting another planet on board the L2 Colony, I still deserve restaurant quality food without going to the restaurant and paying for it. Nor will I work hard for it.” OH, SHAME ON YOU! But this is how I feel almost everyday so give me a high five! Continue reading Food for the Lazy Brat