The Hatter in 2014


New Year’s Eve dinner with the family is over. As I sit here in our provincial dining room at half-past 4 in the morning munching on crunchy pork rind dipped in spicy vinegar, I contemplate about my goals for this blog this year among other things in my life. I am expecting a very VERY busy year ahead, a year where my passions and ideals will be crossing over to how I actually make a living. There will be lots of changes ahead, so where would I get the time to mind my presence online as The Hatter?

When I look back to the year past, I realise that amidst all those times I was busy, I DID have time to write down my thoughts! Why didn’t I do it? I didn’t have the discipline of a writer that’s why. Ok, I wasn’t disciplined at all, and I have no excuse. Always I would be composing something in my head about what I was experiencing or what I have just experienced, and it remained there in my head unless it was an idea that I wanted to actualise and had to plan for. It turns out that discipline was half the problem. The other half was that I thought that writing about experiences and not-so-important thoughts were pushed aside and procrastinated on too much that I just didn’t feel like publishing them at all. I would rather get a nice long nap on Sundays or spend time with my cats rather than spend half an hour writing these things down. I’ve never blogged before, and only last week did I get the rhythm of putting things on draft and working on it and adding chunks of it bit by bit. Ten minutes a day could actually amount to a lot for a simple blog like this! I could even cut travelogs into chunks too. Well, lesson learned.

Here’s to a 2014 with more thoughts, ideas, hopefully minimal rants, and lots of substance & thoughtful content in The Hatter. There will always be time to write no matter how busy things get, and there will be no compromises either!


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