Superstitous Practises on Edible & Potable Things for the New Year

Writing about this just popped into my head after one of my friends wrote on his Facebook “What if, after all the superstitious things people do on New Year’s Day, it turns out that your entire year is determined by the quality of your first poop of the year?… I wonder if there any pseudo scientific studies on this shit“. It’s definitely something to think about! But you do end up wondering why a lot of cultures fixate on superstitions on food (and its remnants) in particular. I’d go as far as saying that we have made cultures around food, or perhaps food itself made cultures just like this new study on “How Beer Created Civilisation“. For a long while we thought that our early ancestors cultivated grain in the pursuit of good bread, but it turns out that the development of bread-making was a consequence of experimentation of grains from its cultivation for beer-brewing. Continue reading Superstitous Practises on Edible & Potable Things for the New Year

The Hatter in 2014


New Year’s Eve dinner with the family is over. As I sit here in our provincial dining room at half-past 4 in the morning munching on crunchy pork rind dipped in spicy vinegar, I contemplate about my goals for this blog this year among other things in my life. I am expecting a very VERY busy year ahead, a year where my passions and ideals will be crossing over to how I actually make a living. There will be lots of changes ahead, so where would I get the time to mind my presence online as The Hatter? Continue reading The Hatter in 2014